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watercolor meadow boxed set

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This special limited edition boxed set is based on an original watercolor painting turned into a letterpress print using the CMYK color method!

What is CMYK? It's a printing process using four colors: (C)yan, (M)agenta, (Y)ellow and Blac(k) 

Each layer of color is made up of tiny dots called a halftone. The halftone allows the layers to optically mix and form a full spectrum of color and tone. 

How many colors can you see? Orange, green, brown, dark blue, light blue, purple and so many more! All made using just CMYK!

Each card is a tiny work of art!

Includes 6 cards.
Packaged in paper box w/ 6 Kraft envelopes.
Dimensions: 4bar (3.5" x 5.").

Plastic free!