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woven washcloth + soap bundle

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Please note that color & style of each washcloth is a surprise! 

From Egg Press founder, Tess:

"I first discovered weaving when I was working on my BFA in Fiber Arts. Weaving is a tedious craft (much like letterpress). It takes hours to warp the loom (threading hundreds of threads through tiny holes and tying them onto the loom without tangling anything). I was learning weaving and letterpress around the same time and in the end, letterpress won out.

Fast forward to 2020. Cabin fever, grief, fear, insomnia, and nervous energy bubbled up in me.  During that year I taught myself to weave again, and had lots of time to think about the parallels of the two crafts I love. Letterpress and weaving are both tactile, slow, time-consuming in the set up and designed for production.  Each craft begins with something blank- a stack of paper, or a warp, and bit by bit, the finished good builds up, either thread by thread or impression after impression. Both crafts result in something that feels nice to touch, and more special than their mass-produced counterparts.

When we were able to return to the studio, I took the weaving with me, setting up a few looms in the back of Egg Press. Weaving has been a source of comfort, expanding my brain, soothing my nerves, and I was excited about the inspiration the looms might bring to the space!

The result: a small edition of unique washcloths, paired with a bar of soap from local small batch soap maker, CamamuThank you, Augusta, for being the bad-to-the-bone weaver that you are, for brightening my summer of 2022, and helping to make a few moms happy with something beautiful (and kind of weird) this Mother's Day."