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Dear Egg Press family,

I am a gardener, a sewer, a knitter, a beekeeper, a canner, and I love to cook. I am particularly hard-wired to produce, and that’s what drew me to letterpress printing, as well as almost all my hobbies. I love seeing the finished work pile up; the payoff is extremely satisfying when the goal is something tangible. This year, in addition to working with Hello!Lucky, we are proud to add two new card lines to our production schedule: ASHKAHN and 1973 Ltd. We are thrilled to collaborate with these incredible talents, and adding these two new lines allows us to maximize productivity and positively challenge our production skills. This echoes my long-time logic that if you’re making one pie, you may as well make five. The opportunity to work with these renowned companies has energized all of us at Egg Press. We’ve been heads down, hard at work for months and are eager to share the results of everybody’s efforts.

We all have metaphorical seeds we choose to plant, some weave a common thread and bring small rewards in our daily lives, and some (like my bumper crop of grapes peeking out as we speak!) surprise us with abundance when we least expect it. This year, we’re excited to focus on the care of the seeds we’ve planted at Egg Press, from which we hope to help grow a healthy crop of friendships, collaborators, and of course many new cards.

Thanks for joining us on this journey.



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  • Congratulations on this exciting news! I am so happy to see your local business succeed!

    Laura on
  • Congratulations on new and creative partnerships!

    bookboxer on

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