New Designs are Here

New Designs are Here

June 19, 2018

From birthdays to babies and the everyday in between, our newest designs are now live in the shop! 

We’re celebrating by giving away a set of all of our new releases to one lucky winner. Check out all of our new designs here, then let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below. We'll pick a winner at random on Friday 6/22 to win a pack of 50 of our freshest and most favorite designs.


UPDATE: Congrats Erika Hardin - our giveaway winner!



Annie said:

Gotta love the morel mushroom card!

Carla C

Carla C said:

I love the new Handstand retirement……I wish I could do just that and move up to PDX to be near my grand Babies!


Anna said:

Awww, the bday party house charms my soul. Love it!


April said:

It’s really hard to choose because they’re all beautiful. But I think, I love the Happy Bearthday card… so cute and catchy.


Eliza said:

Peach Tree Thank You, or Layered Floral. Very hard to choose!


Karen said:

Oh I love a Lovely nudes nudey run!

Keri Aronson

Keri Aronson said:

Congratulations on the new collaborations!


Ashley said:

I love mushrooms and a good pun, so “Thanks mush for the morel support” is probably my favorite. 😊

Andrea S.

Andrea S. said:

Happy Birthday (suit) is the best! Thanks for including all bodies and skin types :)


Marinda said:

Living in Nepal, that Yak birthday card is a must! I stock up on Egg Press whenever I’m home so I can write notes and send them back home!


Meredith said:

I like the Love Ewe one a lot!


Sue said:

Love the PB&J cards and the happy swaddling, but Sorry things are ruff is my favorite. I find writing a card to someone is sometimes the best and most meaningful way to express that sentiment and convey how much you care.

Tina W

Tina W said:

My fave is the Octopus birthday.

Erika Hardin

Erika Hardin said:

My favorite is the Love Ewe sheep…I love them all! Great job y’all!


Malia said:

I love the cmyk birthday card!


Johnna said:

I love your new cards! (Doggone it.)

Julie Anderson

Julie Anderson said:

Sweet rhymes and a retro vibe. I love your “Plants, Pants Housewarming” card!

Marilyn Green

Marilyn Green said:

Wonderful news! I only buy letterpress! Currently investigating that wonderful art form in Dublin Ireland! You go, girls! ❤️

Marilyn Green

Marilyn Green said:

P.S. my favorite new cards are the floral ones! ❤️


Angela said:

I love the Yappy Birthday one! So cute!!


Cecilia said:

So hard to choose! I love them all! But if I have to pick, I’d say the “birthday suits” and “so much clapping.” Do I have to choose only one?

Karen Martwick

Karen Martwick said:

I love the party til you yak card!

Phoebe Chen

Phoebe Chen said:

Happy bday! (Suit)
Hahah punny


Jamie said:

I love the Berry Thanks card!

Julianne Jaffe

Julianne Jaffe said:

These are so beautiful and completely pull at my heartstrings! 💙

Allee Marie Nix

Allee Marie Nix said:

As a college junior, the “Party Til You Yak” has me laughing, as myself and many of my friends will be turning 21 this year!


Kumiko.H said:

I love the purrthday tweet card one,so mush!!.Make japanese people so happy also!!.

Julianne Jaffe

Julianne Jaffe said:

Love Ewe is my favorite! So sweet! 🐑

Barbara Whitmer

Barbara Whitmer said:

You whimsical designs are very clever, and being an animal lover, always delight me.
My favorite might be thanks for moral support, makes you think and there’s a lot of that going around these days,

Zara G.A.

Zara G.A. said:

There are a few I really like:

berry thanks handstand love you literal toast congrats happy anniversary to us

I love the colour of the berry card; I’d do handstands for the one I love; I love toast and literal puns; and everyone should congratulate themselves for reaching an anniversary.

Congratulations on the new designs. Hope to send and receive some.


Kat said:

The floral “happiest birthday” is my favorite.


Gillian said:

I like “Happy Birthday (suit)” and have a good idea of who to send it to…


kyle said:

SO Fresh!


Ro said:

I dig the “handstand I love you” card!

Hilary Batey

Hilary Batey said:

These are all so great! I know quite a few people who these would be puurrfect for! ;-)

Tammy Thiele

Tammy Thiele said:

I love the “Thanks Berry Much” and the sweet naked people card (“I love your nose…”) Congratulations on your new lines!


SEP said:

These fit right into the Eggpress card collection for sending sincere & fun greetings. How do you keep the creativity alive with boundless spirit!?
Thank you!

Katie B.

Katie B. said:

how can I choose just one?…so I will list a few favorites, the pencil flower thanks, the birthday party house and the big flower cards. <3 Thank you so much for the giveaway!

Katie B.


Stephanie said:

i love “octopus baby”. what gorgeous new cards!


Sugene said:

“Thanks berry much” is definitely my fave!

Olivia B.

Olivia B. said:

Love “birthday suit”. Makes me LOL!

Caroline M

Caroline M said:

I love the new designs — especially the birthday cards! The octopus birthday card is my absolute favorite!


Rachel said:

🍋🍋Lemon tree birthday is my fav! 🍋🍋


Deborah said:

Oh, my goodness! I LOVE all of them!


Bradley said:

Birthday Party House is super cute!


Rochelle said:

Plants Plants Housewarming is so cute! And a must have for anyone who knows a plant mama or dad!


Christine said:

Mushrooms! Nekkid people! CEPHALOPODS!! OMG!!!!


bookboxer said:

Love Ewe gets me every time! Thanks for such a generous giveaway and congratulations on the new partnerships.


Jill said:

These are adorable! One of my favorites is “Love Ewe”!

Colleen Smith

Colleen Smith said:

The yak one is great! A few years (okay decades) ago I would have bought it in bulk!


Kayla said:

I’m loving the Swaddling and the Yak ☺️


Gloria said:

Love Happy Swaddling. But they are all pretty lovely.


Raych said:

I would use the You’re a Peach thank you card every day <3

Maureen Gray

Maureen Gray said:

Love all the variety..

Meagan Cooley

Meagan Cooley said:

I love the “Love Ewe” card. I actually think the whole collection is great!


Nikki said:

I just love the new collection – so many great designs! My favorite is the Happy Swaddling card – so sweet! :-)

Eva Volin

Eva Volin said:

“You’re a peach!” is one of my favorite expressions and now it’s one of my favorite cards.


Maggie said:

Love the PB&J anniversary card! Super cute and creative!

Sonya Borders

Sonya Borders said:

I LOVE the Happy Bearthday cards and the Birthday Suit which is hilarious!

Caitlin Robinson

Caitlin Robinson said:

I love happy birthday suit! Ha!

Samantha Slater

Samantha Slater said:

Oooh so hard to choose, but I’m a sucker for a good pun and mushrooms so: Mush thanks would be my choice! Great giveaway, thank you x

Renate Tilson

Renate Tilson said:

There is nothing egg shell fragile about your endlessly delightful Egg Press cards. Over and over again in endless creative forms – uplifting ,delighting ,charming ,hilarious , creative joys helping folks deal with life‘s viccitudes

Amy said:

Party til you Yak! Love it!


Katie said:

I love the ‘pencil flower thanks’ and the the ‘love ewe’ cards!

Betsy Campbell

Betsy Campbell said:

Such wonderful images and great pun…I mean FUN. I vote for three: Happy Birthday {Suit}, Sorry things are Ruff and the Happy Octopus cards! Great to hear of the amazing collaborations with ASHKAHN and 1973 limited! Looking forward to award winning lines for years to come! Thank you!


Kristen said:

Congrats on all the new developments and the newest set of cards! Looking forward to sending them through snail mail. :)

Joanne M Ogoshi

Joanne M Ogoshi said:

<3 the new stuff as much as the old stuff! Thank you for original, fun products that inspire me to reach out by snail mail …aloha!

Nancy R Malone

Nancy R Malone said:

of course, my favorite is the Cat Tweeting!!!


megan said:

I love the strawberry! Congrats and you all are adorable in your photo.


Olivia said:

The Happy Birthday Dog one is SO cute! Love all the new designs as well as the old :)


Krissy said:

Congratulations on your news! I like the Peach and Lemon cards, but I esp. like the Happy Anniversary to us card. Those are hard to find!


maci said:

i like so many of the new designs, but especially the literal toast card :)


Brita said:

I love the ‘pencil flower thanks’! Lately I’ve been really trying to up my thank-you card game and am always inspired by sending something extra sweet like that one, which I know will be extra appreciated.


Marissa said:

I can’t wait until someone wishes me a happy “bearthday”. I can’t get enough of the animal birthday cards! 🐻🐕🐙🎉

Valerie DeMarco

Valerie DeMarco said:

Party til you YAK … now that’s funny! Congrats on your new partnerships! Looking forward to seeing the new designs!


Magdalen said:

As a mama-to-be, the happy baby card really cracked me up. Love it, and all your new designs look brilliant!


stephanie said:

I think the Pug design is genius. That face. :)

Olivia Arrow

Olivia Arrow said:

I love the toast card, they’re all cute!


YOKO said:

I like the strawberry 🍓 and banana 🍌 cards. The ‘doggone it’ is so cute❣️


YOKO said:

Congrats! I really like the strawberry 🍓 and the banana 🍌 cards. ‘doggone it birthday’ is so cute❣️

Chris Mello

Chris Mello said:

Whale of a birthday.


Shari said:

I love the “Happy Anniversary to Us”. So cute.


Zoooooey said:

E. Double G. ,
P.-R.-E. Double S
You are the best
Yes , yes, you are the BEST

Beth F

Beth F said:

Birthday suit!!! people come in all shapes which you show so whimsically. But also love octopus baby, because it felt like I needed 8 arms when i brought my first-born home.


Caitlin said:

Somewhere to put your chairs and underwear! So great!!


Caroline said:

I dig the nude-y body acceptance card. <3

beth atkins

beth atkins said:

The new cards are so rad! I’m partial to the giant strawberry 🍓☺️


CB said:

As always fantastic designs!!!!


Susie said:

I think I failed to actually say which was my favorite! Love the “lovely nudes” and the PB&J ones!


Jessica said:

I love the love ewe! ❤️

Erika Hardin

Erika Hardin said:

Thank you sooooo much!

Erika Hardin

Erika Hardin said:

Thank you sooooo much!


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