New Designs are Here

New Designs are Here

June 19, 2018

From birthdays to babies and the everyday in between, our newest designs are now live in the shop! 

We’re celebrating by giving away a set of all of our new releases to one lucky winner. Check out all of our new designs here, then let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below. We'll pick a winner at random on Friday 6/22 to win a pack of 50 of our freshest and most favorite designs.


UPDATE: Congrats Erika Hardin - our giveaway winner!



Susie said:

Happy Birthday (Suit)! Such a good one!


Bayle said:

Goodness if I have to pick a favorite it’s the “Mush thanks for all the morel support” since I love mushrooms and morels hold dear memories. The runner up is, “Thanks, you’re a peach” with the luscious peach tree. :)


Susan said:

Birthday suits! : )

Vickie Petkovic

Vickie Petkovic said:

I love the birthday suits! They made me laugh out loud.


Esther said:

The peach thank you card is darling! Definitely my favorite! :) Such fun new designs!

Robyn Kelly

Robyn Kelly said:

One of the reason’s I went into graphic design (rebooted at age 43) is because it’s so hard to find good cards…and then I found you! I could never nail down the printing hoopla so I don’t make cards but maybe someday. Thank you for making such wonderful cards!

Erica Phelps

Erica Phelps said:

I’m anticipating a baby soon so the octopus baby is speaking to me today ! But really ALl of them are adorbs ❤️


julianna said:

a toast to you!

Erin S

Erin S said:

It’s impossible to choose a favorite! … but I love the “love ewe” card. so cute and cozy


Kristin said:

OMG! Eggpress + Hello Lucky! + ASHKAHN = <3 <3 <3 All my favorites together!!
I really like the Thanks a Bunch Banana card & the Thanks Berry Much too!!

Micaela Ballew

Micaela Ballew said:

I absolutely love your cards! Every time I’m in a card store I ask them if they carry Egg Press or Hello Lucky and if they don’t, I tell them they should. :) Thanks for making beautiful and fun things.

Chelsea Morlan

Chelsea Morlan said:

I LOVE the lemon tree birthday card. Sooo cool!

Wendy Dembo

Wendy Dembo said:

I love the aardvark eating Happy Birthday ants. It isn’t every day that you get an aardvark card.


Abby said:

I love the lemon tree birthday card :)

Penelope Crampton

Penelope Crampton said:

Yes, love the So Much Clapping, plus the Birthday Suits….Weeeeeeeeeee!


Amanda said:

Sign me up for anything with that octopus! I giggled at the baby stroller. But the flowers are all lovely as well.

Micaela Ballew

Micaela Ballew said:

I absolutely love your cards! Every time I’m in a card store I ask them if they carry Egg Press or Hello Lucky and if they don’t, I tell them they should. :) Thanks for making beautiful and fun things. OH and my favorite IS the you’re a peach one!!! Love.


Rhonda said:

Congrats! I’m digging the Lemon birthday card. Keep up the awesome designs.


Madison said:

The peach tree thank you card is adorable! I love “Happy Bearthday” too :)

Sarah W.

Sarah W. said:

Love ewe! I often send texts to my husband with “love” and the emoji of a sheep – this card is perfect :)


Caitlin said:

Love the “literal TOAST congrats”!

Denise Bryant

Denise Bryant said:

Love all these new designs! My favorite is the Anteater Birthday card! So fun!

Katie Broderick

Katie Broderick said:

I love the mushroom (mush thanks) one <3


Rachel said:

Wow, great batch of cards! Super tough to pick a winner. I’d have to say Toast, PB&J wedding, and So Much Clapping are the standouts for me -especially this time of year. Keep doing what you’re doing…it’s awesome!

Tammy Kelley

Tammy Kelley said:

Love the cards!

Marie Fisher

Marie Fisher said:

I am in love with the “mush thanks” (morels are so witty!) and the “plants, pants housewarming” because seriously, who doesn’t need more space for their plants?! Xo

Sarah Ragsdale

Sarah Ragsdale said:

Love letter writing and Egg Press. Great creative cards. My favorite time of year is the 30 letter in 30 days campaign.


Kate said:

Whales are my favorite animal so I can’t get enough of the “Whale of a birthday” card! Would love to send all of them; I love sending real mail to my friends.

Elizabeth Cooper

Elizabeth Cooper said:

I love the Mushroom card! A good pun and a shout out to my favorite mushroom. Thanks for all of the creative messages you share with the world!

Marty Hegg

Marty Hegg said:

Chairs & Underwears is my favorite…but I also love the Pencil Flower thank you card so much…wait, and the Peach Tree, too (…AAAAAAAAAAAND mush thanks!)

Alicia Cox

Alicia Cox said:

Love the birthday yak, the chairs underwears housewarming, and the plants pants housewarming the best. Everything looks great though!


Hallie said:

Thank You Berry Much for all the awesome new designs (Strawberries forever)

Patricia A Ames

Patricia A Ames said:

The octopus cards are sooooo cute!!!

Kristine Chong

Kristine Chong said:

birthday suit and lovely nudes <3

Katherine Dallas Hammond

Katherine Dallas Hammond said:

The “So much clapping” card is adorable.


Millie said:

So Much Clapping! Birthday Suit! Cards hooray!

Seriously, big fan off Egg Press right here. Been buying these cards for years and years and will continue to buy for years and years to come.

Nikki Cee

Nikki Cee said:

Birthday Suit is hilarious! :)


Kayla said:

I’ve loved your cards since I took a tour of the studio with my college graphic design class. My favorite of the new cards is the Thanks Berry Much card with the fantastic red and blue.


Laine said:

As a devoted buyer of Eggpress and Hello Lucky, this is super awesome news! Congrats on the new combined studio effort!

Samantha Jane McClintock

Samantha Jane McClintock said:

I love your shop! The #write_on kits make me so happy. Thank you for spreading the joy of letter writing.


Caitlin said:

Thanks berry much is so crucial!! I would send this to a particular friend of mine in a heartbeat!


Christy said:

These are great! I think my favorite is Whale of a Birthday, but I also really like Mush Thanks.

Nicole Harriman

Nicole Harriman said:

Love the octopus 🐙 baby card!!

Karen Izumoto

Karen Izumoto said:

I’m definitely loving the new PB&J wedding/anniversary cards! I’m so sad I live too far away to make it to your sample and seconds sale anymore!


Lucas said:

The “Party Til You Yak” card made me laugh out loud! Thanks for that! :)

Kathryn Clifford

Kathryn Clifford said:

Oh my goodness the Happy Birthday Suit card is a complete delight! Congrats on all your new exciting additions!

Aimee Williams

Aimee Williams said:

The Birthday Suit card is so adorable!! You make the best cards!


Jean said:

The Birthday Bear takes the cake!

Party till you Yak!

Party till you Yak! said:

Party till you Yak is hilarious

Jillian Kaye Schoettle

Jillian Kaye Schoettle said:

Love the PB & J anniversary card. I would definitely give that one to my husband. ❤️


Shikha said:

I love the things are ruff card. It’s just adorable. The Happy Anniversary to us comes next ! Great new collections. Fingers crossed to win :)

Kate R

Kate R said:

I love the mush thanks and the happy birthday party house. Oh and the layered flower one. Well done!


Ana said:

Love them all, but the birthday suit card makes me giggle!


Victoria said:

It’s so tough to choose a favorite! But if I must, it’ll have to be the “Happy Bearthday” card. A relative is nicknamed “the Bear” and I imagine this card will be sent in the future… :D


Annie said:

LOVE love A L L of the new releases!!! Always on point cuteness. I especially love a "thanks a bunch’ !


Loni said:



Christa said:

The Birthday Suit card is AMAZING! Wonderful new designs.


Alex said:

Can’t get enough of the “thanks berry much” card! My grandma exclusively says “berry” instead of “very” so thank you for reminding me of her :)

Emily Barklage

Emily Barklage said:

Mush Thanks is my favorite!

Joyce E Mahl

Joyce E Mahl said:

Mush Thanks!

Jennnifer Schlobohm

Jennnifer Schlobohm said:

I adore the Happy Swaddling card. It is, after all, so much of what new parents spend time doing!


Erin said:

This is excellent (no phonetic pun intended but rather cheeky circumstance)! You all are my go-tos so to band together and bring more options and increase new and beautiful designs is great news.


Kerry said:

I loooove “thanks berry much”! The colors are so eye catching!


Jo said:

Congrats on your new partnerships and card designs! My fave is Mush Thanks- totally cracked me up!


Grace said:

plants, pants housewarming really got me. All I could ever ask for in a home


Heather said:

I love the mushroom one! I love a good pun…


Andrea said:

Such gorgeous cards! Congrats on the partnership.

Michelle Yee

Michelle Yee said:

I think Happy Birthday suit is the best and cheekiest, new card!

Tanya Koodrin

Tanya Koodrin said:

I absolutely love Egg Press cards. They are so witty and cute. Keep you the great, artistic work


Jennifer said:

Exciting!!! Love that all my favorite stationary companies are together! Congrats!

MaryAnne E

MaryAnne E said:

Awesome, I look forward to adding more fabulous cards to my collection. I can never have too many letterpress cards.


Shelley said:

Browsing (and collecting) greeting cards is one of my favorite pastimes! Thanks for keeping my hobby colorful, unique, quirky and ever-changing! :)


Marisa said:

Fantastic cards! So fun.

Julie Merrick

Julie Merrick said:

I like the Happy Birthday (Suits) the best! Sorry things are so ruff was a close second :) Love your cards! Thanks so much!


Shelley said:

I forgot to mention which new card was my fave in my last comment! Hard to pick just one. Probably “Dog Gone It” because I had a fifth-grade teacher who, whenever we would get in trouble, would slam her fist on the desk three times and then shout “dog gone it” – for some reason that always stuck with me and makes me laugh today. But…a very close second is “So Much Clapping” :)


Anna said:

You guys are my go-to for holiday and birthday cards!

kimberly ah

kimberly ah said:

Pants & Plants!! I also love the bananas.

Jared Anderson

Jared Anderson said:

Beautiful and playful designs, which is why Egg Press cards have been a part of my family celebrations for years. Thanks for helping me to create wonderful memories.


Shelley said:

Browsing (and collecting) greeting cards is one of my favorite pastimes! Thanks for keeping my hobby colorful, unique, quirky and ever-changing! :)


Anna said:

“A toast to you!” Great for graduates.


Ashley said:

It was hard to choose, but I love ‘Plants, pants Housewarming’. Congrats on your new cards & expansion!

Helen Tamoro

Helen Tamoro said:

I love that you inspire writing! Love the designs and new ones, even better. Keep up the great work!

carley Fite

carley Fite said:

I love the mush thanks! A very fun one to send to a friend who is into wild mushrooms!

Joanne Fontaine

Joanne Fontaine said:

“I Love Ewe” is my favourite of your newest cards ! It will be useful for every occasion. And even though I can barely knit, I do love all references to knitting ! But they are All such fun !

Aylin Marquez

Aylin Marquez said:

So many. Love the floral ones and the “Birthday Suits”

Yoshiko Yeto

Yoshiko Yeto said:

So many charming new designs! You make it so hard to choose a favorite. As a fan of all things citrus, I’m gonna go with the lemon tree birthday card. I can’t wait to buy some new cards. Thanks!


Kellie said:

I love the Happy Birthday Suit one. Perfect for a girls trip to the naked spa for my sisters birthday.


Linnea said:

Love the “lemon tree birthday” card. All your cards with fruits are always my faves!


Milena said:

So many cute new cards! I think my favorite is the “sorry things are ruff” pug card though because pug cards are always my favorite. 💖


Emily said:

Such beautiful and fun new designs! I especially loved the birthday party house, reminds me of Eric Carle, the children’s author.


Drake said:

There were two in contention until I saw “sorry things are ruff” and we had a winner!


Allison said:

The thanks a bunch with bananas is my favorite. They’re all so cute though.


sarah said:

Love the whale birthday card – reminds me of the ice cream cake! :-)


chris said:

So many cute cards! I think the Whale is my favorite though.

Billie gibbs

Billie gibbs said:

Flipping for you is my fave! Love the colors and the action in it.


Libby said:

Love love love the new stuff! Especially the birthday suit one 😜


Kathy said:

Congrats on your expansion !


Julie said:

I’ve been a fan for such a long time. Happy expansion to you! :-)

Vanessa Kwong

Vanessa Kwong said:

love these cards! i’m also going to portland in 2 weeks!
Jeff Hughes

Jeff Hughes said:

Love. Love. Love! Adore the Birthday Suit design, but love every single one. Each one unique. Each one special. Each one a winner! ❣️

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